Lesvos is one of the easternmost North-East Aegean Islands and lies very close to the Turkish coast. This volcanic island rises nearly 1000 meters above sea level at some points. Mountains dominate the island. Mount Lepetymnos in the north is the tallest one at 968m. Mount Olympos in the south is almost equally high at 967m. Almost half of the island are hills with olive and fruit trees. Forests, mostly with Mediterranean pines , oaks and walnut trees, cover about 20% of the surface. The hills and mountains are often interrupted by lowlands, which cover about a third of the island. On the way from Antissa to Sigri there is a 23 million year-old fossilized forest. In western Lesvos, there are more than 30 former lava domes and several volcanic calderas. Even if this part of the island looks like a desert, this landscape is one of the Aegean's most interesting.